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  • Вс, 06:12: The Independent Newspaper Owner To Close Print Titles | Getty Images https://t.co/Gz5nURxuLk
  • Вс, 06:19: I really find very touching the media folk and public reaction to the announcement of the fate of printed Indy.
  • Вс, 06:24: Love the way the Brits cherish the freedom and variety of press.But I also find it somewhat irresponsible to leave the future of independent
  • Вс, 06:27: freedom of speech to somebody else.Especially humble russian potato producers...Why no groups of journalists like in 1986 stepping out?
  • Вс, 06:32: No dedicated readers offering yearly subscriptions?Brave entreprenuers with a few millions to risk?Kick-starters?Celebrities serving a good
  • Вс, 06:33: cause?
  • Вс, 11:15: RT @Ken_J_Murray: @lebedevalex @davidhepworth We seem to cherish free speech. As long as it doesn't cost us a penny. And we don't have to f…
  • Вс, 11:16: RT @BethEleri: This is interesting . . . https://t.co/g6rLDJbyDV
  • Вс, 11:16: RT @samartimelove: @lebedevalex People will miss The Independent, briefly. Then, sadly, it will be forgotten about.
  • Вс, 11:16: RT @RobertHanks: Lebedev on future of Independent: the answer is, in part, that in '86 journalists had money. Now, we are all broke. https:…
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