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Мои твиты
  • Вс, 18:15: RT @thei100: Meet Britain's oldest person, she's celebrating her 112th birthday today http://t.co/QBmMd4TvQS http://t.co/Z7CVlMQrUn
  • Пн, 08:15: RT @mkomsomolets: В Грозном началась акция протеста против оскорбления Мухаммеда http://t.co/8Gt91MkGu5 http://t.co/ZXlgrc0xAn
  • Пн, 09:44: Hey @nytimes, thanks for sending a journalist to meet with me in Moscow. Pity the story that resulted was full of nonsense.
  • Пн, 09:45: Any comparison between me and Pugachev can only be based on profound ignorance of both of us. What similarities do you see?
  • Пн, 09:45: He is a fraudster, a Russian Madoff. Only difference is Madoff was smart enough not to blame government for his crimes.
  • Пн, 09:45: Every quote used by your shoddy reporter was taken out of context, and most of the relevant quotes weren't used.
  • Пн, 09:45: One expect such standards from Kremlin-controlled newspapers. But @nytimes? This hatchet job was ignorant, lazy and deceitful.
  • Пн, 10:23: ‘TV cannot be 100% impartial’: Lebedev talks press regulations, freedom of speech — RT UK http://t.co/Tz27FCKJHI
  • Пн, 10:24: Александр Лебедев в интервью RT: Телевидение не бывает на 100% беспристрастным http://t.co/HgXZd5GgGg